Quick Start Guide

Welcome to HorecaSysteem/PersoneelsSysteem. In this quick start guide we’ll  explain how you can add employees and shifts so you can quickly start making a roster. Step 1: Adding employees. On the blue task bar select the tab “Employees”. Here you’ll fin a green button  “Add Employee”.  When you press this button […]

Nmbrs integration

To configure your Nmbrs integration, an Nmbrs username and token is required. How the token can be created is described in the following article: https://support.nmbrs.nl/hc/en/articles/211351048 The created token must be assigned an API Template. How such a template can be created is stated here: https://support.nmbrs.nl/hc/en/articles/115005903907-API-User-Template Our integration requires the following […]

Lightspeed integration

If you are using the POS system Lightspeed Restaurant, you can choose to set up a link between your Lightspeed Retail account and your account with us. This integration does two things. Import the turnover on a daily basis. The turnover is imported from Lightspeed into your account, you can […]

Vacation calculation

Vacation calculation Accumulated vacation hours per worked hour. This includes hours that employees are sick or on holiday when  the calculation of vacation hours is based on hours worked. Vacation hours buildup When an employee works he or she is entitled to vacation. The vacation hours can be accumulated based […]

timesheet registration

Time registration can be done in different ways. By the manager, by default, the hours are displayed as shown in the schedule. It is up to the manager to correct and approve these hours were needed. By the employee, an employee can send in his or her worked hours by app […]

Adding absences

An absence can be registered in a few different ways. By default, an employee can apply for a vacation, other types of absence will registered by an administrator. As an administrator, you can also add absences for your employees. If you want employees to request different types of absentees, you […]

Timesheet settings

The timesheet registration settings can be managed under: “Settings” > “Timesheet”. Within the settings, the timesheet registration can be managed by departments / locations. Clock locations Clock-in and -out locations can be managed by clicking on “Clock locations”. Here you can add new locations where the clock actions must be […]

System requirements

Our software is online and always accessible. There is a free iPhone and Android app. for example, makes it easy for you to view the schedule and get updates. Website We recommend using the “Google Chrome” browser. Our software gives the best user experience on a Chrome browser. Google Chrome […]

Teams and permissions

All employees can be managed through the “Teams & permissions”. This can enable functionalities and user permissions. User groups can be added and assigned to employees to expanded the permissions. Managing departments Employees can return in multiple departments by clicking on an employee in the “Employees” tab, clicking “Teams & permissions.” […]

Managing locations and departments

Starting out with one location and one department already given to you. When a company has over 40 employees, we advise to use additional departments. The advantage of using additional departments is that each department can have its own employees and settings. This makes the schedule and timesheet registration a lot […]