Manage teams

Add team A new team can be added by going to the “Schedule” tab, on the left you can add a new team by clicking on the green + button above the current teams. Then you can manage and add the team. Here you name the team. “Do not show […]

Manage shifts

Shifts that are used on a regular base can be added to the list. This allows you to easily add a shift with a simple click and drag motion into the schedule. In the schedule tab it is possible to manage shifts. Add shift A new shift can be added […]


You can log in with your email address and password through the login screen of your account. You can find the log in screen by going to the general link of the PersoneelsSysteem, HorecaSysteem or Shifttime application. Forgotten password Read more…


Upon leaving the application on a public PC, we recommend logging out. This prevents other people from gaining insight into your account or making unwanted changes. “Log out” can be found at the top right corner. If you have forgotten to log out and no longer on location, you can […]


Changing password The logged in employee can change his password within his dashboard under “My login”. Here the password can be changed after confirmation with the old password. The current email address is not required for changing the password. Forgot password When you’ve forgotten your password, go to your account […]

Change email address

An employee can change the email address  from the dashboard under “My login”. Here the email address can be changed after confirmation of the password. The employee’s email address is also the employee’s login name. When the email address changes, it immediately changes the login of the account. All message […]

Change language

The language of the account can be selected from the dashboard. To do so, go to your dashboard under “My Account” > “My profile”. Here you can set the language to your preference. When creating a new employee, a preferred language can be selected. Dutch English German French

My hours

In the dashboard under “My Hours”, you can view your approved hours. You can specify which period you want to see the approved hours of. Employees can only view their salary when this is permitted.  

Request absence

There are two ways to request an absence. Website Mobile App Requesting an absence on the website On the website an absence can be requested by going to the “Schedule” tab and clicking on “+ Add Shift > Absence”, or by going to “Dashboard” > “My absence” > “Add absence”. Read […]