Currently clocked in

The currently clocked in option in the ‘Timesheet’ tab, under the “<View” button, shows the currently clocked in employees. You can use this feature to check if all employees clocked in at the start of their shifts or to see which specific employees are currently working.  

Availability report

Reports > Employees > Availability shows availability in the schedule with any notes included. Name – Employee Name. Employee nr – No. of Employee. Date – Every day in the specified period. Day – Day of the week. Type – Available all day / Available from / Unavailable all day / […]

Plus min hours report

Plus and min hours or overtime allow you to see overtime hours or min hours of employees and all types of leave, correction, expected contract hours and hours worked. Name – Employees Name. Employee nr – Employee No. Contract hours – The number of fixed contract hours expected for an employee […]

(In)Active employee report

Reports > Employees (In)Active reports show employees personal data. Employee nr – Employee No. Location – Under which location the employee is located. Department – Under which department the employee is included in his contract, the employees can return under several departments, but the contract department is leading. First name – […]

Turnover report

Turnover reporting reflects revenue indicated through the log, turnover and the expenses  are shown per department per day. Date – Dates per department. Location – Location name. Department – Department name. Turnover – Sales indicated in the journal. Expected turnover – Sales revenue forecast in the schedule tab. Expenses – […]

Timesheet diary report

Log notes shown by day and department. Date – Date the log is made. Location – Under which location the log is made. Department – Which department it concerns. Log – What is written in the log.

Employee absent report

All Absence types of employees in a clear overview. Id – Assigned ID from the system to the employee. Employee nr – Employee No. Name – Employee name. Type – The type of registered absence. Startdate – Startdate of absence. Enddate – Enddate of absence. Start time – The start […]

Timesheet closed report

The Timesheet closed report shows you which days on the timesheet are open or closed, per department. Date – The date per department  in the timesheet. Location – Name of the location. Department – Name of the department. Status – Status of the day in the hourly registration.

Timesheet detail report

The timesheet detail report includes contract hours, worked hours and specified hours, but also the clock times, schedule times and specified costs per employee. User id – User id given by the system. Employee nr – Employee’s personal number. Name – Name of the employee. Date – Date of the timesheet registration. […]

Timesheet totals report

The timesheet report shows contract hours, worked hours and specified hours per employee. User id – Assigned system ID for the employee. Employee nr – Employee No. Name – Employee Name. Contract hours p/w – The number of fixed contract hours of the employee per week. Days – The number of uniquely worked days. […]