Adding absences

An absence can be registered in a few different ways. By default, an employee can apply for a vacation, other types of absence will registered by an administrator. As an administrator, you can also add absences for your employees.

If you want employees to request different types of absentees, you can include this in the permission groups. This can be done under: “Settings” > “Permissions”, here you will find the the permission that control “Availability”.

An overview of all absentee types that can be registered.

  • Vacation
  • Sick
  • Unavailable
  • National day
  • Special leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Short-term care leave
  • Long-term care leave
  • Parental leave
  • Unpaid leave

Request absentee
In the “Schedule” tab, next to “+Add shift” you will find a drop-down menu which includes “Absence”.
Employees can also request absence from the dashboard: “My absence” > “+Add absence”.

  • Employee, here you choose the employee.
  • Type, what kind of absence it concerns.
  • From / Up to, the period of the absence.
  • Part of the day, if it only concerns a part of the day,here you can indicate a start and end time.
  • Hours, the number of hours to be registered for the absence. The hours are already entered on the basis of the preferred contract settings. Note! These hours should always be checked.
  • Note, allows you to add a description.
  • Exclude shift from roster, clearing the schedule in the  given period.
  • Notify employee, informs the employee about the status of the absence.
  • Approval, here the absentee can immediately be approved, declined or be set to pending. Provided that the user has the correct permission groups. When your request is complete, click on “Save”.

Approving requested absences
By clicking on your name and choosing “Requests” you will find an overview of the requested absences.
By clicking on either one of the buttons, you wil accept or deny the request of absence.

If you wish to edit the request, click on the magnifying glass on the right side of the request.

Edit absence
An existing absence of an employee can be edited by clicking on the “Employee” tab and on the employee in question. Next, click on the “Absence” tab to show all current absences of the employee.

By clicking on the pencil on the right side of an absence, it can be edited.

Delete absentee
In the “Absence” menu an absence can be deleted by clicking on the bin icon on the far right side.
After confirmation, the absence will be permanently deleted.

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