Manage teams

Add team
A new team can be added by going to the “Schedule” tab, on the left you can add a new team by clicking on the green + button above the current teams.

Then you can manage and add the team.

  • Here you name the team.
  • “Do not show team”, ensure that the team is not shown in the schedule and in the timesheet registration. However, the employees do return in the employee list.
  • The order can be determined in which the teams are shown.
  • Choose the color of the team in the schedules.

Edit team
A team can be edited by hovering over the team that needs to be altered.
Click on the pencil icon, you will see a window where you can make adjustments or delete the complete team.

Managing a team
You can manage employees and let them fall under multiple departments by clicking on an employee in the “Employee” tab and clicking on “Teams & permissions”.

An overview of all locations and departments will be displayed.

By selecting a team in the “Team” column, the employee is placed in the relevant team. Here you select the team or teams which this user should appear in the schedule.

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