Period overview report

This report allows you, among other information, to view the worked hours , scheduled shifts and turnover in relation to the employee wages.

Name – Name of employee. If an employee’s name appears several times, the employee has registered hours under another department(s).

Employee nr – Employee number, may be added under: Employees > “Select employee” > Edit user.

Location – Under which location the employee is located.

Department – Under which department the employee is listed in his contract. The employee can be scheduled in several departments, but the department in the contract is leading.

Contract type – The contract type of the employee. This is not a physical contract, calculations are done with these predefined contract settings.

Days – The number of contract days the employee has in the period. The start and end date of the contract has an impact on the given days.

Contract hours – The number of fixed contract hours expected for an employee. For a zero-hour contract, this number is “0”.

Days worked – These are the number of unique contract days on which hours are approved  in a timesheet.

Hours worked – Here you can see the number of hours approved in the timesheets.

Surcharge hours (paid) – The amount of hours an employee has built up with a surcharge. For example: An employee works a Saturday shift, 2 hours with a 200% surcharge, then the surcharge hours (paid) will be 2 hours for this employee.

Surcharge hours (time) – The number of hours an employee has received with a surcharge. For example: On a Sunday, a 6-hour shift with a surcharge of 150%, surcharge hours (time) is 3 hours for the employee.

Meals – The occasionally listed meals.

Kilometers – The occasionally listed kilometers.

Vacation – The number of used up vacation hours.

Correction vacation – The hours added in a vacation correction.

Pay vacation hours  – The hours paid in an absence correction with the “Pay” action. These hours will go from the employee’s vacation hours toward the salary.

Accrued vacation hours – Number of vacation hours built up by the employee during this period.

Vacation hours period total – Total of acquired vacation hours and the number of to pay out vacation hours combined.

Vacation hours today  – Number of current vacation hours of an employee.

Vacation hours at end of “2018” – The vacation hours that the employee has left at the end of his contract or end of the year “2018”. Whichever comes first. Should an employee’s contract end before the end of “2018”, then the vacation hours built up will be till the end of the contract date.

Sick – Hours added with an absentee under the type “Sick”.

Wait hours – The waiting hours for an employee’s account during sickness. Waiting hours are defined in the employee’s contract. Here you can choose to deduct waiting hours from salary or vacation hours.

Correction plus min – Total of hours added through a plus minus correction in the given period.

Pay plus min hours  – Total of plus minus hours that needs to be paid out. These hours are added under: Plus minus hours > “+ Add correction”> Checkbox “Pay”.

Plus min period – This shows the total of plus minus hours in the given period. The difference in hours a employee is expected to work according to his contract and what he actualy worked by registration. This is including plus minus hours and all corrections included in the given period.

Plus min total last week – Plus min total of last week.

Plus min total – The current balance of the plus minus hours.

Holiday hours total – Total number of approved vacation hours.

Special leave hours total – Total number of approved special leave hours.

Maternity leave hours total – Total number of approved maternity leave hours.

Shortterm care leave – Number of approved hours for an shortterm care leave.

Parental leave – Number of approved hours for an parental leave.

Unpaid leave – Number of approved hours for an unpaid leave.

Sick surcharge – Number of sick surcharge hours. Applies if a sickness hour is paid less than a worked hour.

Shortterm care leave surcharge – Hours  of shortterm care leave. When adding a shortterm care leave absentee, you will be given the option to select an custom surcharge rate.

Surcharge salary – The part of salary obtained with an surcharge. This surcharge is already taken into account within the salary.

Salary – Salary, built-up includes worked hours, absence, surcharges and corrections.

Wage tax – If employees’s use wage tax.

“Locations and Departments” – All the approved hours in the shown locations or departments.

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