Schedule shift

A shift can be added by clicking on the desired date behind an employees name in the schedule.

You will see the following pop-up for planning a shift.

Shift settings

  • User: Here you can select one or more employees for the shift.
  • Team: The team in which the employee (s) runs the shift.
  • Shift: Select the desired shift.
  • Start time: Shift starting time.
  • End time: End of shift.
  • Break: Here you can specify how much break time the employees have, thus not included in the hourly registration.
  • Description: A note can be posted at the shift.

Recurring shift
The shift can be repeated by clicking on “Repeat this shift”.

Repeat this shift every: Here you can indicate if the shift needs to recur every other week.

Next, select the days the shift should be repeated.

Repeat until: Here you can indicate until which date the shift should be repeated. If left empty, the shift will be scheduled for an indefinite period.

When the shift is done, there is the possibility to inform employees by e-mail.
To do this, please check: “Send notification”.

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